Lighters at Smokers Heaven Smoke Shop UK, we can light your fire in every way imaginable, from flint & electronic lighters to petrol and Zippo. We stock a classy selection of the finest flint lighters from Givenchy and Pierre Cardin, along with a wide selection of Jet flame lighters including Vector, Maxim and Vulcan lighters. We also stock electronic lighters by Coulton and petrol lighters by Tristar and Excellency. Smokers Heaven Smoke Shop also specialise in Zippo lighters and we carry best selection and ever changing range of the finest and stylish Zippos sold in the UK. We always carry the finest selection of all your favourite Harley Davidson Zippos, Bob Marley Zippos, Jack Daniels Zippos and many more classic American Zippo lighters. Please note: All lighters Shipped dry without any fuel due to postage and handling laws.

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Balmain Soft Flame Designer Lighter


Silver Match Jet Flame Lighter


Eurojet Pink Glitter Softflame


Purple Metal Petrol Lighter


Laguiole Elegant Lighter with Leather Design – Flameless


Clipper Rainbow Metal Lighter


Clipper Chrome Metal Lighter


Clipper Blue Gradient Lighter


Pierre Cardin Jet Flame Lighter


Winjet Soft Flame Lighter Silver


Winjet Golden Lighter


Pierre Cardin MF-191-03 Flint Lighter


Pierre Cardin MF-48-02 Jet Flame Lighter


Full cap jet flame with cigar cutter Gold


Full cap jet flame with cigar cutter Black


Pierre Cardin flint gan mitalic lighter


Colibri Zephyr Satin Chrome Jet Flame Lighter


Myon Carbon Fibre Effect Pipe Lighter


Imco Chic4 Pipe Lighter


Winjet Brown Leather Accent Pipe Lighter


V Fire Outdoor Big Torch Dark Jet Lighter


Vincent Piezo Soft Flame Pipe Lighter


Laguiole electronic lighter black and chrome


Laguiole electronic lighter