Stash storage at Smokers Heaven UK head shop, from cool stash container designs to air tight stash containers, we have it all in stock for you. Looking for a cool place to hide stuff that nobody would ever look? With our vast range of stash storage including stash soda cans, stash pens, stash spray cans, stash batteries, stash lighters and even stash bolts. Browse our large selection of stash containers and air tight solutions here at Smokers Heaven head shop UK.

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Pop Top


Joint Tubes with Designs


Coke Stash Can


Lighter Stash


Tightvac Airtight Stash 0.29L-75G-3OZ


Tightvac Airtight Stash 0.06L-20G-0.7oz


Tightvac Airtight Stash 0.12L-40G-1.4oz


Gunk Engine Degreaser


Sprite Stash Can


Mini Jar Child Resistant


Red Stripe Stash Can


Chongz Bamboo Rolling Box – Bubbles


Cookies Nonstick Silicone Oil Jar


Rave Hair Spray Stash


Tightvac Airtight Stash 2.35L-680G-24oz


Tightvac Airtight Stash 0.57L-150G-6oz


Diet Coke Stash Can


Stash Screwdriver


Stash Axe Bodyspray


Stash Air Freshener


stash de-icer can


Stash Dictionary


Chongz Bamboo Rolling Box – Rainbow Hands


5ml Silicone Container Non Stick Jars Oil