Pipe tobacco at Smokers Heaven UK tobacconist. Smokers Heaven stock a fine range of fresh pipe tobacco for the discerning pipe smoker and have been selling pipe tobacco in Brighton UK for 70 years. As a tobacconist we pride ourselves on our quality range of fresh pipe tobacco UK along with pre-packaged pipe tobacco brands such as Craven, Gold, St Bruno, capstan, Mac Baren, Old Dublin, Davidoff, Punchbowle and Dunhill plus many more.

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Mac Baren Red Cherry Ambrosia Pipe Tobacco 40g


Petersons Standard Mixture Pipe Tobacco 50g


Mac Baren 7 Seven Seas White Pipe Tobacco 40g


Mac Baren Classic (Vanilla) Cream Loose Cut 40g


Black Cherry Exclusive Pipe Tobacco


Petersons Killarney 50


Mellow Virginia ready rubbed 25G


Mac Baren Black Ambrosia Pipe Tobacco 40g


Clan Aromatic Pipe Tobacco 25g


American Cherry Vanilla Pipe Tobacco


Kentucky Nougart Pipe Tobacco


Borkum Riff Cherry Ruby Pipe Tobacco 50g


Old Dublin Latakia Pipe Tobacco 50g


Vanilla Flavoured Pipe Tobacco


Peterson Irish Mixture Pipe Tobacco 50g


Peterson Connoisseur_s Choice Pipe Tobacco 50g


Petersons Nightcap Pipe Tobacco 50g


Petersons Early Morning Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin


St Bruno Smooth Virginia Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco 25g


Gold Block Pipe Tobacco 25g


Davidoff English Mixture Pipe Tobacco 50G


Craven Aromatic Pipe Tobacco 25g


Condor Original Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco 25g


Kendall Gold pipe tobacco