Bongs and water pipes at Smokers Heaven head shop UK. Smokers Heaven head shop UK carry a vast range of acrylic bongs, glass bongs, ceramic bongs, party bongs and vaporisers. Some of the many brands we stock include Basil Bush bongs, Blackleaf bongs, Bling bongs, Zombie bongs and Mojo bongs, and if you’re feeling adventurous try out our gas mask bong with its attached with a water pipe, a must have for any party. Note: colours may vary do to available stock.

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Journey Magnetic Pipe


Metal Pipe Screens 15mm


Glass One Piece Chamber Pipe


Metal 2 piece pipe & tapered stem


Pipe Screen Baskets


Medium Pipe & Bong Screens 5 Pack


Small Glass Oil Burner Pipe 10cm


Small 10cm Steamroller Glass Pipe


Metal Pipe Screens 17mm


Yoda Straight Ceramic Bong


Cartman South Park Ceramic Bong


Slim Shotgun 10cm Glass Pipe


Glass Steamroller Thick Bowl 10CM


Glass Steamroller Pipe 15CM


Naked Woman Ceramic Bong


Small Double Bubble Curved Bong


Small Pipe & Bong Screens 5 Pack


Metal Small Bowl Brass Pipe


Basil Bush Slim Ice Layer 30cm Glass Bong


Basil Bush Double Bubble Acrylic Bong


Basil Bush Rasta Grip Straight Bong


Basil Bush Small Snake Acrylic Bong 22cm


Basil Bush Small Acrylic Bong 22cm


Basil Bush Curved Acrylic Ice Bong 40cm