Glass bongs at Smokers Heaven head shop UK, we stock a large range of fine glass bongs to suit your style. We stock many different glass bong brands including Chonz glass bongs & Basil Bush glass bongs awesome design variations including, straight shooter bongs, curved bongs, big bubble bongs, single bubble bongs, double bubble bongs and ice twist bongs. If you want a bong other than glass then have a browse in our acrylic, ceramic and party bong sections. We also carry a fine selection of vaporisers for your smoking pleasure. Note: With some products, colours may vary do to available stock.

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Basil Bush Slim Glass Bong 30cm


Chongz Lil Trev 26cm Glass Bong


Basil Bush Small Glass Bong 17CM


Basil Bush Bubble Glass Bong 30cm


Chongz Menace Ice Diffuser 45cm Glass Bong


Basil Bush Big Bubble Glass Bong 40cm


Chongz Dr. Death Glass Bong


Chongz Green Nasty 37cm Glass Bong


Small Double Bubble Curved Bong


Basil Bush Heavy Duty Tar-catcher Glass Bong


Basil Bush Einstein bong 38cm


Chongz Dead Head Ice Pinch Straight Bong 40cm


Chongz Goosebump Diffuser Ice 30cm Glass Bong


Chongz 22cm Pritesh Glass Bong


Basil Bush Ice Twist Glass Bong 46cm


Chongz ‘Deepsea Double Percolator’ Glass Beaker Ice Bong 45cm


Chongz ‘Huffle Guff’ Glass Percolator Bong 30cm


Chongz Dr Death Gareth Hunt Bong 19cm


Chongz Ted Bondi Chromed Glass Bong – 32cm Hot Pink


Chongz Bong Wayward Lad 21cm


Chongz Logjammin Glass Bong 45cm


Chongz Sex on the Beach 28cm glass bong


Chongz Hairway To Steven Glass Bong


Coil Ash Catcher Glass Bong 18mm