Petrol lighters at Smokers Heaven Smoke Shop UK, we stock all the finest petrol lighters by Tristar, Excellency and more. We also stock a wide selection of Jet flame lighters by Vector, Maxim and Vulcan, along with our cool & funky petrol lighter designs here on the Smokers Heaven website. We also stock flint lighters from Givenchy lighters and Pierre Cardin lighters, along with a wide selection of Jet flame lighters by Vector lighters, Maxim lighters and Vulcan lighters, and electronic lighters by Coulton lighters. Smokers Heaven tobacconist specialise in Zippo lighters and we carry best selection and ever changing range of the finest and stylish Zippos sold in the UK. We always carry the finest selection of all your favourite Harley Davidson Zippos, Bob Marley Zippos, Jack Daniels Zippos and many more classic American Zippo lighters. Please note: All lighters Shipped dry without any fuel due to postage and handling laws.

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