Lifestyle supplies at Smokers Heaven UK, from scales & snuff accessories to Jewellery bags, ashtrays and incense, we stock all the life accessories you need. If you need stash containers, we always have a cool selection of sizes and designs you’ll love. To keep it weighed up, we keep a huge selection of 0.001 & 0.01 scales in a variety of brands. Have a browse through our lifestyle section and find all the latest goodies.

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Joint Tubes with Designs


Pop Top


Smelly Proof Baggies Black 4″ X 6″


Tanita Mini Scale Professional 1479J2 (200g x 0.01g)


Nag Champa Agarbatti Incense


Coke Stash Can


Blizzard Snuff Tooter Bullet


Satya Sandalwood Incense Sticks


Lighter Stash


Metal Snuff Snorter Bullet


Smelly Proof Baggies mini Black 3″ X 2.5″


Wooden Ash Catcher for Incense Sticks


Clear Glass Tooter Bullet


Deluxe Brown Glass Tooter Bullet


Satya Lavender Incense Sticks


Tightvac Airtight Stash 0.29L-75G-3OZ


Brass Box Tooter Kit


Plain Baggies 4cm X 4cm Pack of 100


Smelly Proof Baggies Clear 3″ X 2.5″


Tooter Tube Silver


Menthol Flavoured Spray 15ml


Satya Patchouli Incense Sticks


Tightvac Airtight Stash 0.06L-20G-0.7oz


Tightvac Airtight Stash 0.12L-40G-1.4oz